Don't box me in! All packages are customizable.

A Solid Foundation

All website projects include the services outlined below

Strategy Session

We dig into the nitty-gritty discussing your target audience, goals, competitors, your vision, your gripes, and other details. Once I've discovered who you are and what you want, I can create a website that shows your true personality and gets your message across.

Website Design

I combine the latest design trends with layout, color, and typography to create a personalized website design focused on clear positioning and positive user experiences. Mockup of home page and 1 interior page is provided.

Responsive Website Development

Today's web demands responsive design. Your site must look great on any screen: desktop, tablet, or phone. That is standard with all of my packages. I will also assist with web hosting and FTP to get your site up and live.

Personalized Training

Support after the sale is a must! I never leave my clients hanging. I will show you how easy it is to keep your site up to date with a 1 hour training session either in person or online.


HTML5 + CSS3 with SEO Optimizaton.
✻ Client-submitted content.
✻ Up to 5 branded pages.
✻ Create 1 form (up to 10 fields).



WordPress with SEO Optimizaton.
✻ Client-submitted content.
✻ Up to 8 branded pages + 3 blog posts.
✻ Add plugins for SEO, site backup, spam management, and social media.
✻ Create 1 form (up to 10 fields).



WordPress with SEO Optimizaton + E-Commerce.
✻ Client-submitted content.
✻ Up to 8 branded pages + 3 blog posts.
✻ Add plugins for SEO, site backup, spam management, and social media.
✻ Create 1 form (up to 10 fields).
✻ Input up to 25 individual products.
✻ Set up payment gateways.


A La Carte

Customize your website with add-ons

✻ Domain Name

First things first: what are we calling this site? Consider multiple domain names, multiple extensions, and common misspellings.

✻ Hosting

Yes, I can get you up and running, including SSL Certificate and Dedicated IP, for e-commerce sites.

✻ Custom Logo

Make your mark! A logo makes you instantly recognizable...everywhere!

✻ Graphic Design

Web assets, web banners, and everything in between.

✻ Professional Content Writing

Leave it to the professionals to put into words how great you are.

✻ Homepage Slider

Display multiple image messages, take up less space—efficient!

✻ Photo Gallery

Perfect for showing off a portfolio or samples of your work.

✻ Site Search

When you start to get into a lot of content, make it easy for your visitors to find what they seek.

✻ Email Capture

People want to hear what you have to say! This is the first step in Email Marketing.

✻ Email Template

For the DIYer--I provide your branded template, you take it from there.

✻ Email Marketing

For the non-DIYer, I provide the branded, responsive HTML template, set you up with an Email Service Provider, work with you on scheduling and content, then get that baby out the door!

✻ Social Media Assets

Cover image and profile picture for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Others available.

✻ Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing tools placed strategically on your site to allow visitors to share your content.

✻ Twitter Feed Integration

Display your feed on your site to showcase your tweets and allow visitors to follow you.

✻ SEO Evaluation

Is your content working for you? Let's find out.

✻ Pay Pal Integration

Accept payments or donations on your site, via Pay Pal.

✻ Video Integration

Video is the next big thing! Put up video on your site and see how visitors devour your content.

✻ Blogging Basics

Where to begin, what to do, how does this work? We'll get you all set up.

✻ Google Analytics

Who's coming, how long are they staying, what are they looking at, and how can we do better? All of that.

✻ Google AdWords (pay-per-click)

Sometimes you just have to pay to be at the top.

✻ Website Maintenance

Let me handle the day-to-day business of content and coding updates.

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